AV Worx is the representitive of YELLOWTEC for Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) based in South Africa.


The world’s most beautiful mounting system.

Designed for seamless integration, the m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System provides you with an elegant and powerful combination of components. Design your individual studio setup in the most flexible way. Enjoy exciting possibilities. Appreciate incomparable efficiency. Savor remarkable personality.

Yellowtech mika Cam Stud Mic Arm

m!ka Arms

The system to success.

m!ka stands for tidy and well-organized workspaces. The m!ka Mounting System keeps your desktop clean by hiding most of your cables and reducing the number of mounting points. You will be amazed how much more room for your ideas there is to gain. m!ka provides you with many more options than other systems. Feel free to combine its elements and to mount them wherever you want. There’s no better way to mount.

YELLOWTEC mika horizontal pad doc

m!ka Monitor Arms

More room for your ideas.

m!ka Monitor Arms help you to efficiently use limited space. With m!ka placing multiple monitors next or on top of each other becomes a piece of cake. Give your m!ka Monitor Arm additional functions by combining it with m!ka Accessories. What about a Copy Stand or a Pad-Dock for your mobile device?

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How to choose the right m!ka
Microphone Arm

How to choose m!ka Monitor Arms

How to add m!ka Accessories to your setup

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AV Worx is the representitive of YELLOWTEC for Sub-Saharan Africa based in South Africa.