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Supplying cost-effective solutions to broadcast and professional AV users since 1987.

Many of our products are Eurocard-based which means apart from standard versions, we can provide custom configurations to meet specific requirements from standard modules. Products have been developed to exceed current broadcast specifications and are designed and built to the highest standards with a proven reliability record.

Vortex Call Me



CallMe™ provides a new concept in IP Audio Connectivity, that makes it simple for guest contributors – and reporters – to send broadcast audio back to the studio. Anyone with a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac has the ability to get connected with high quality, low delay audio without the need for their own hardware codec, installing special software or having to visit the studio or a reporter visit them. Designed to let Contributors get “On-the-Air” from virtually anywhere there is Internet connectivity, CallMe is a new cost-effective Internet Codec Service that has been developed to let Radio and TV Stations put a contributor “On-the-Air” without the cost and effort of sending a Reporter – or even an Outside Broadcast vehicle – or have the guest visit the studio, as they simply use their own computer, tablet or smartphone to converse.

Vortex Callme Cloud
Vortex CallMe DiRECt



CallMe diRECt is a Browser-to-Browser service that gives you added security of being able to record the interview in case of live internet connectivity issue.

  • Send your diRECt Web Link
  • Contributors connect directly to your browser
  • Live Stream 15kHz 2-way audio
  • Host can initiate recording at both ends
  • Host then uploads recordings to their computer
  • Fully GDPR-Compliant

It is a browser-to-browser version of CallMe Click-&-Connect so instead of having the need of a hardware codec the Host’s browser connects to the Guest’s browser for a live 2-way conversation. It can stream live from the Host’s browser for broadcast – plus the Host can control the recording of both ends of the conversation / interview at their respective ends (for GDPR compliance) which is then uploaded to the Host’s computer at the end of the session. This means that you end up with a solid recording in case of internet issues during the “live” connection – and nobody has to have any special hardware.

Vortex CallMe diRECt


Vortex CallMe diRECt-X
CallMe diRECt-X is an enhancement to our well-established CallMe-diRECt Cloud Codec service which is widely-used by Journalists, Podcasters and Voice-Over artists to connect over the internet by linking the Host’s Browser to the Guest’s Browser to stream LIVE 20kHz two-way low-delay audio with the additional capability of the host being able to record the conversation. The diRECt-X upgrade provides simultaneous conferencing up to 5 separate contributors plus the host (six in total) with each receiving mix-minus / clean-feed return audio. No Hardware codec is required by either the Host or any of the Guests; everything takes place in the Browser.

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