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500R8 & 500ADAT

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Elevating The 500 Series Standard

Two 500-series racks, designed to integrate into your studio in two ways.

Which way suits you?

“I like my audio interface, but I want to integrate 500-series into my setup”



500ADAT expands your audio interface with eight 500 series slots, analogue summing, and mixing facilities using ADAT.

“I’m looking for a new audio interface at the centre of my studio”



500R8 is a complete, standalone audio interface for PC/Mac and enables 28/30 channels of recording directly into your DAW.

Camden EC1

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Upgrade Your Interface

Upgrade Your Audio Interface

With The Acclaimed And Multi Award Winning “Camden” Sound



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Say Goodbye To Cable Clutter
Say Hello To C.A.S.T.


The central hub to your C.A.S.T.-enabled studio

N8 C.A.S.T.
Sound On Sound
“…everything you need to get up and running with transporting audio over good‑quality Cat cable. It’s a well‑thought‑out system that could transform a small studio setup, or be an excellent problem solver in larger facilities and live venues”

Sound On Sound – Nov22


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Reference-Quality Headphone Amplification

Lift The Veil From Your Headphones

With the same reference-grade headphone amplifier developed for our flagship interfaces

N22H Front View

How To Videos

Watch some of the content below to find out how Cranborne Audio Works.

500R8 Quick Tutorial | Inserting 500 series modules into a DAW session

500ADAT Quick Tutorial | Expanding Your Audio Interface Using ADAT

Camden EC1 | Preamp, Mojo Analogue Saturation Processor, & Headphone Amp | Product Overview

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Dwaine Schreuder

Dwaine Schreuder

Broadcast Applications & Network Solutions Engineer

Dwaine Schreuder is a highly experienced Broadcast Applications and Network Integration Engineer.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Dwaine specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining top-of-the-line audiovisual solutions for radio and television broadcasts as well as a wide range of commercial and entertainment applications.

He is well-versed in industry standards, and uses his technical expertise to deliver exceptional networked solutions for various applications. Dwaine’s commitment to excellence and his successful track record make him a valuable asset to AV Worx, ensuring seamless design and implementation of broadcast; networked and audiovisual integration solutions.