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Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters.

Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and IP infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration, means Calrec is at the epicentre of changing broadcast requirements.

Calrec is part of the Audiotonix group of console companies, alongside DiGiCo, Allen & Heath, SSL, KLANG:technologiesSound Devices, Slate Digital, Harrison and Sonible.

The Building Blocks for your Station


A modular, expandable, IP-based mixing system, Type R uses standard networking hardware and soft panels which can be tailored to operator needs. Its three hardware panels, can create a variety of system types; it ties in with Calrec Assist for mixing in the cloud; and it provides mix facilities for up to three independent mixers to hang off one system core.

Why you need a Type R for TV

Type R’s flexible, fully 5.1 capable IP core enables broadcasters to benefit from virtual working practices and automated broadcast workflows on a cost-effective SMPTE 2110-compliant IP backbone. Type R provides fully automated programming with real-time adjustment of unpredictable external factors, either via the web or via highly portable dedicated hardware elements.

Dwaine Schreuder

Dwaine Schreuder

Broadcast Applications & Network Solutions Engineer

Dwaine Schreuder is a highly experienced Broadcast Applications and Network Integration Engineer.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Dwaine specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining top-of-the-line audiovisual solutions for radio and television broadcasts as well as a wide range of commercial and entertainment applications.

He is well-versed in industry standards, and uses his technical expertise to deliver exceptional networked solutions for various applications. Dwaine’s commitment to excellence and his successful track record make him a valuable asset to AV Worx, ensuring seamless design and implementation of broadcast; networked and audiovisual integration solutions.